The Process:

I have this problem. It’s something that’s not really a problem, except that it keeps getting me into trouble. The problem, if I could give it a name and a discription, would be a misdirection of engery. I like to write stories, and I like to draw pictures. Maybe, if I could use that energy for original endevours, I could pay my bills and justify my student loans. Except that the very process that builds that energy seems to get in the way. I read something, and then I think about it, and then my brain wanders, and then things happen, like events, plots, archs, endings. I’ve done it before, and here I am doing it again.

Naruto: Blood Inheritance started as multiple stories, spread accross the characters lives depending upon what mood I was in. Eventually, as I went back to each story in my mind and expanded them, they began to join up and become a narritive. It felt very organic and very right, more life like than simple sitting down and trying to plan something out from start to finish (because how often do things happen in life the way we think they will).

Please be aware that this story is geared to an older audience than the original manga, and will deal with adult themes and situations. And no, this is not going to turn into a yaoi-fest. Deal with the pain.

  • The Story
  • The title was difficult to come up with, and I fear a bit misleading. This is not about just those characters with special bloodlines, though the origins of those bloodlines will be explored. This is really a story about Kyuubi. We just happen to start the story of kyuubi’s life just as it intersects with Uzumaki Naruto. It’s about how Kyuubi’s life has shaped him and the events that will effect all of our characters. And, of course, this story begins and ends with Naruto (because he is the main character, of course ;p).

    This is an alternate story line, that splits off from the manga as of chapter 217 (excluding the last page, of course). We begin with Naruto still chasing after Uchiha Sasuke, except unlike in Kishimoto Masashi’s version, it’s taken Naruto a few days longer to find him. Everyone else has gone back to Konoha, but Naruto hasn’t forgotten his promise to Harano Sakura. However, as time as passed, Kyuubi has grown restless, and decides he needs to take some action in taking care of this damn “Uchiha”.

  • The Characters
  • This list will be updated as the story progresses. Please keep in mind that not all of the revelations made in the official manga will follow here. If they do, I’ll make a note of it either on this page or in the story.

    Uzumaki Naruto: the hero of our story. This spunky, loud talking ninja aspires to be Hokage someday. Even though he’s an orphan with the nine-tails fox daemon sealed within him, Naruto wants to be acknowledged by the village and to protect everyone of his nakama.

    Uchiha Sasuke: one of Naruto’s teamates, Sasuke’s family was killed by his brother when he was eight. Sasuke’s main goal in life is to kill his brother and avange his clan, and in order to do so has betrayed his village to go learn from one of Konoha’s greatest enimies, Orochimaru. What his friends don’t know is that Orochimaru’s aid will cost a terrible price, and require of Sasuke a terrible sacrafice.

    Harano Sakura: The third member of team 7, Sakura has always known she was the weakest one. Still, her love of Sasuke drove her to beg a promise from Naruto to ensure Sasuke’s return. But as she watches her other friends return, maimed, injured and dying, and endures Naruto and Sasuke’s continued absense, Sakura starts to make some troubling conclusions.

    Hatake Kakashi: leader of Team 7, Kakashi knows the dangers invovled in sending Naruto after Sasuke. Not just because of their intense rivalry, but because of history of Kyuubi, and how it intertwines with that of the Uchiha clan.

    Kyuubi: an ancient nine-tailed fox daemon, Kyuubi was sealed inside of the newborn Naruto by the 4th Hokage thirteen years before the beginning of our story. Not much is known about why Kyuubi came to Konoha in the first place, but he does seem to have a history with the Uchiha clan, and a strong purpose.

    Uchiha Itachi: Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi is responsible for murdering their entire family. Now he is part of an organization called Akutsuki, bent on the capture and extraction of Kyuubi, though no one yet knows why.

    Hoshigake Kisame: Another member of the Akutsuki group, Kisame usually works as Itachi’s partner.

    Aoyagi Indigo: Another member of the Akutsuki, Indigo’s power lies in her whip, but her true worth is that of an interrogator.

    Kinme: Leader of the Akutsuki, her face is hidden, and her past unknown. Sometimes refered to as “The Old Lady”.

    Godaime Hokage Tsunade Hime: The 5th Hokage of Konoha.