This bad boy’s been going on for a while now. So just in case you forgot what’s happened or you want to get caught up but don’t have the time to read every chapter, here’s a brief summery of what’s happened so far. Obviously, this page contains spoilers.

Prologue – “Setting the Stage”
If there is any chapter that you can skip, I guess this would be the one. This chapter bridges the gape between chapter 217 and my alternate story. It’s been three days since Naruto fought Kimimaru and Sasuke emerged from his barrel. They’ve passed beyond the boarders of the Fire Country and Naruto is finally caught up to Sasuke. Little does he know that Sasuke wants him to catch up. Linked through the curse seal, Orochimaru has told Sasuke that he has to kill Naruto to prove his loyalty. They fight and just as Sasuke is about to delivery the final blow, Kyuubi takes charge of the situation and turns the tables.

Chapter One – “My Enemy Is”
Back in Konoha Kakashi arrives back from his mission later than expected to find out that Sasuke has abandoned his village and of all the ninjas sent out to bring him back, Naruto is the only one who hasn’t returned. While Kakashi is concerned about how their fight might turn out, Tsunade forbade him from going after them, pointing out that Kyuubi wouldn’t allow things to get out of hand. In the meantime Kakashi focuses on training Sakura, warning her that if she sees Sasuke she needs to treat him as an enemy. Later Sakura does run into Sasuke, who is badly beaten and tells her that Naruto has been possessed and can’t be trusted. Meanwhile Naruto is trying to sort out the events of the past day and faints. While unconscious he seeks out Kyuubi, only to find his inner world strangely different.

Chapter Two – “For My Dream”
Sakura attempts to trick Sasuke and bring him back to the village, but he sees through it and informs her that Orochimaru wants him to kill her now since he can’t kill Naruto.  Much to Sasuke’s consternation Sakura doesn’t put up a fight, telling him that she would do anything to help him, even die. Kakashi, seeking Sakura out as part of her training exercise, senses Naruto and Sasuke’s chakra and speeds up his search. Meanwhile, Naruto has a conversation with Kyuubi, who reveals to him that the seal is weakening and their souls are slowly merging. The daemon offers Naruto a deal, a way to help Sasuke if Naruto will agree to speed up the process of blending their souls together. He also shows Naruto a scene from his past to explain his goals and why he wants to help Naruto at all. Naruto agrees and rushes to find Sasuke, showing up just in time to stop him from killing Sakura.

Chapter Three – “Help”
Naruto and Sasuke start to fight again, while Kakashi rushes to find them. Orochimaru keeps close tabs on the situation through his connection to Sasuke, and we learn that Kabuto has somehow alerted the Akutsuki to these events. Itachi, Kisame and an unknown member show up to see what’s going on. As their fight continues, Naruto draws more and more on Kyuubi’s power. Kakashi finally arrives but Naruto uses Kyuubi’s chakra to throw up a shield around Sasuke and himself. Sasuke draw on the full power of his level 2 curse in order to fight, and they come to a stalemate. Naruto realizes that just fighting Sasuke isn’t going to work, so Kyuubi gives him a jutsu to allow him to enter Sasuke’s mind. Naruto travels to the core of Sasuke’s being and finds a replica of the Sasuke that saved his life when they fought Haku.

Chapter Four – “My Monster or Yours?”
While inside Sasuke’s mind Naruto tries to reason with him, but Sasuke is convinced the path he has choosen is the right one. Naruto eventually realizes that words won’t change anything, so he tells his friend that he has chosen his own monster over Sasuke’s, and releases the mind switch jutsu. Once they’re back in the real world, Naruto performs the seals that will allow his soul to blend with Kyuubi’s. Orochimaru has been watching the battle through Sasuke’s eyes and realizes what Naruto is doing, and urges Sasuke to kill Naruto before he has the chance to finish. However, he’s too late and Kyuubi takes over Naruto’s body and beats Sasuke until his curse partially recedes. He then bites Sasuke, thereby replacing Orochimaru’s curse seal with his own. Suddenly Uchiha Itachi emerges and nearly cuts Naruto in half.

Chapter Five – “Captured”
As Kyuubi!Naruto recovers from the shock of nearly being cut in two, Kisame and another member of the Akutsuki organization, Indigo, manage to knock him out and take he and Sasuke captive. By the time Kakashi reaches the scene, all that’s left is a blood smear and a few drops of an unknown sticky black substance. Inside Naruto’s mind he is met by Kyuubi, who appears without his chains and informs Naruto that he has set him free. Once they reach the Akutsuki’s base Sasuke is separated from Naruto and tortured by Indigo for information on the daemon.

Chapter Six – “The Path that Leads Us Forward is the Path that Leads Us Back”
The chapter opens with Itachi watching over Naruto and reminiscing about the day Kyuubi was sealed, when his family refused a request from the 4th himself. Kisame calls him to a meeting with Indigo and the leader of the Akutsuki, the “Old Lady”, while they interrogate Sasuke. Sasuke reveals that Naruto has called out Kyuubi a number of times in the midst of battle. Later, when Sasuke tries to escape, he is placed in the custody of two other members of the Akutsuki, a pair of one-eyed twins.

Chapter Seven – “Dream Dance”
Naruto is surrounded by a surreal landscape. He is knee deep in a river, framed by tall cliffs. Kyuubi is behind him and they both see a cave but Naruto cannot see what’s in it. Suddenly Kyuubi is replaced by Sakura, who soon after is pulled into the river by unseen hands. Naruto tries to help her but is too late, his frustration bringing out aspects of Kyuubi. Suddenly he is pulled into the river too, only to wake up in his room in Konoha as if nothing has happened. He hears noises outside his door and upon investigating discovers a battle. He runs into a young Kakashi, who steals the First Hokage’s necklace and throws it down a cliff. Overcome with rage Naruto reverts into Kyuubi form once more, killing Kakashi and then goes in search of his necklace. After descending the cliff Naruto runs into Sasuke, who has died in the process of retrieving the necklace, and informs Naruto that he has to die too in order to get it back. He then warns Naruto to not loose himself in the process. Realizing that Kyuubi is taking over, Naruto emerges from the river and finds Kyuubi sitting on a cliff above him. Before the dream can continue, Kyuubi calls Naruto’s attention to events that are happening in the real world.

Chapter Eight – “Daemon Waking”
We find Sasuke just waking up beside Naruto. He looks disoriented as he looks around and realizes he is surrounded by the entire Akutsuki organization. The members bicker for a time until the twins begin a jutsu that will allow Kyuubi to speak, but they need Naruto to become emotional enough that Kyuubi can come forth. The “Old Lady”, leader of the Akutsuki, order Itachi to rape Sasuke. Back in Naruto’s mind, we find out that this is what Kyuubi was trying to show Naruto. Naruto allows the daemon to take control of his body, and Kyuubi briefly speaks with the Akutsuki, who start to offer him a deal. Kyuubi turns them down before they can say anymore, and indicates that he knows the Old Lady, naming her Kinme. Kyuubi sets off an explosion, nearly killing Itachi and escapes with Sasuke into the forest.